Thursday 28th February 2013

Get rid of your goats!


Handstand walks and progressions

– Wall climbs

– Handstand hold

– Shoulder slaps

– Free standing handstand

– Handstand walks


– 2013 (m) Run

– 27 Burpees

– 2 rep max squat cleans

– 27m Handstand walk

– 19 Wall balls (6kg/8kg)

– 86 Double unders

Your final score is the weight lifted in the squat clean.

Additional notes

– The 2013m run is 1 mile and 250meters

– 2 rep max squat clean. You have a maximum of 5 minutes from finishing the burpees to complete a 2 rep max squat clean.
Before the workout have an idea of the weight you will attempt for the squat clean. Load the bar with a minimum weight and have weights next to your bar in preparation. You MUST lift the weight for a double otherwise the weight will not count.


– Handstand walk – 9 Wall climbs

– Double unders – 172 singles

– Run – 2013m Row